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Pricing Options
Trans-Soft, Inc offers several different pricing options. Whatever your situation, we feel confident that Trans-Soft, Inc can help you afford an enterprise level software.

TS2000 Plus
TS2000 Plus is our flagship freight solution. It contains all our core modules including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Commission Module, auto-rating and more. TS2000 Plus is our top of the line freight management tool.

TS2000 Lite
TS2000 Lite is a scaled down version of TS2000 Plus that still includes many essential modules. With TS2000 Lite you have the ability to add or remove modules you don't need. Users can add modules as they grow eventually upgrading their software to the full TS2000 Plus model. With TS2000 Lite you can get the software you want at a price that makes sense.

Application Hosting Services
For a minimal monthly fee our Application Hosting services will allow you to utilize the full power of TS2000 Plus without having to spend thousands on hardware or hire a fulltime IT staff. Trans-Soft will provide and configure the servers, provide the software, and train your staff, allowing you to focus your time and energy on what you do best.

Transaction-Based Services
Ideal for small businesses, Trans-Soft provides transaction based pricing agreements. Similar to the application hosting model, transaction based pricing lets you pay for only the work you do. Allowing your software costs to flow with the current market.

Financing Options
Through a special partnership with P&L Capital, Trans-Soft is able to offer special financing options to its customers. P&L Capital allows customers to lease TS2000 Plus or TS2000 Lite for a low monthly payment. This allows customers to utilize the power of the TS2000 products with a flexible payment schedule.


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